N ° 1 ProBiotic is a modern technology contained in a capsule, which allows you to get rid of the difficulties of the digestive system.

Many people struggle with dysfunctions in the digestive system. This is inconvenient for anyone and is incredibly tedious. Everyone requires you to protect your health as long as possible and enjoy your well-being. Fortunately, the market is rich in supplements that are able to help everyone in unpleasant moments and free them from ailments. One of the preparations that is extremely popular is No1 ProBiotic.

No1 ProBiotic is a product of high quality. The dietary supplement in its formula has over 30 billion live bacteria cultures that are introduced in one capsule! The supplement is designated a synbiotic because it combines prebiotics and probiotic bacteria. The article is an original and multi-strain priobiotic, which uses an excellent technology of microencapsulation with a lipid shell, thanks to which the activity of microorganisms is greater. This translates into a better functioning of the digestive system, protection against moisture, oxidation, acidity and pH. The tests argue that this solution enables 80% of bacteria survival, which is much more than in freeze-dried probiotics, which are available on the global market. The supplement is also adequately packed, thanks to which microorganisms are protected against the effects of dangerous external factors. The foil used is distinguished by excellent barrier properties and protects the capsules against water vapor and oxygen.
The preparation is recommended during antibiotic therapy, chronic nuisance of the digestive system and to support the function of the immune system. The article contains strains of bacteria that fruitfully stimulate the proper functioning of the body. The agent is an excellent and professional dietary supplement that contains a wealth of important bacterial cultures and helps to properly rebuild the intestinal microflora, which is disturbed as a result of taking antibiotics and processed food. The technology contained in the capsule is distinguished by its excellent class and increased viability of bacteria. The product is unimaginably functional and recommended by the most perfect professionals and recipients, who find improvement in well-being and remarkable relief.


I try to make my patients aware of the importance of using good products that strengthen the bacterial flora in cases of stomach problems and after antibiotic therapy. One of the supplements that I would gladly recommend is No1 ProBiotic, which is extremely effective and highly qualitative. It is an advanced technology that promises a high survival rate for bacterial strains. It is recommended to use one tablet a day. Do not exceed the daily dose. It is also important to lead a proper lifestyle and a balanced diet, thanks to which you can keep the excellent condition and proper functioning of the body. This is extremely important for health, because in today’s world there are a multitude of harmful factors that have a negative effect on the attitude and functioning of the body. The product was created under the supervision of the most perfect professionals who have confirmed its effectiveness and safe impact. The supplement uses microcapsule technology, which is currently the most beneficial in the world and brings activity and metabolic efficiency. Each single capsule contains over 30 billion live bacterial cells, additionally it contains a prebiotic that increases the functioning of probiotic bacteria that support their multiplication in the digestive tract. Another advantage is the fact that the product does not have gluten, soy, sugar and is GMO-free. It has a wide range of advantages, including regenerates and rebuilds the intestinal microflora, restores good functioning of the digestive tract, modifies the digestive process and absorption of nutrients, reduces the negative effects of antibiotic therapy, eliminates the symptoms of allergies and food intolerances, stimulates the immune system, supports immunity, improves condition and vitality organism, additionally improves the functioning of the digestive system and affects the gut-brain axis accordingly. I argue that it is worth adding the preparation to your diet in order to enjoy better health.

Customers opinion:

I am extremely pleased with the use of No1 ProBiotic. I say that it is worth using because the product provides a lot of advantages that allow the body to function undisturbed. My mood is amazingly more perfect and my health is better! I recommend!

I am systematically struggling with ailments of the digestive system, so I decided to use the dietary supplement No1 ProBiotic, which helps me immensely. I am extremely satisfied with the effect of the preparation and the effects. In addition, the preparation does not cause any side effects!

Thanks to No1 ProBiotic, my body is exceptionally resistant to various diseases. In addition, I have more energy and strength every day. I argue that it is worth taking advantage of the benefits of everyday use of the preparation.

No1 ProBiotic is an original recipe set in one capsule. I take the preparation every day and I can tell you that my intestinal problems are over. I feel incredibly better and healthier! I recommend everyone!


Bifidobacterium lactis – they are found in the large intestine, strengthen the functioning of the digestive system and support the body’s immunity, generate vitamins B, K, and anti-inflammatory cytokines, adjust the glycemic economy in the body
Bifidobacterium breve – stimulates the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colon syndrome, it is also used in persistent diarrhea.
Lactobacillus paracasei – soothes the symptoms of allergies and food intolerances, stimulates the immune system, supports the development of proper probiotic bacteria
Lactobacillus rhamnosus – works to reduce body weight, supports correct insulin sensitivity, supports skin diseases, e.g. acne or AD
Lactobacillus plantarum – eliminates the growth of Salmonella and E.cola bacteria, is used in the treatment of food allergies
Lactobacillus casei – restores the appropriate intestinal microflora
Lactobacillus acidophilus – weaken the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the immune system and adjust the lipid metabolism
Bifidobacterium bifidum – reduces the symptoms of long-term diarrhea, restores the correct pH of the vagina
Streptococcus thermophilus – soothes the symptoms of digestive system ailments and lactose intolerance, supports the body’s defenses.
Bifidobacterium longum – belongs to the group of psychobiotic bacteria, reduces cortisol
Acacia fiber – normalizes the digestive system, nourishes probiotic bacteria, reduces blood pressure and blood glucose, reduces excessive appetite

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