Locerin is an innovative dietary supplement that will take care of the quality of your hair and stop excessive hair loss!

Research reveals that Poles are one of the most balding nations. Unfortunately, alopecia affects both women and men. Gentlemen, however, do not attach to this as much importance as ladies. Hair for women is one of the most important assets, thanks to which they feel feminine and aesthetic. Each of us dreams of having thick, long and shiny hair. If they start to fall out too much, we get hysterical and look for a quick solution to cancel the problem! Men, on the other hand, have two approaches to the subject, either they think that baldness gives them grace and they shave bald, or they cannot come to terms with it and look for the correct technique to improve the condition of their hair. There are many reasons for excessive hair loss, it can be a bad lifestyle, genetic conditions, or any type of trichological treatment. Fortunately, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies offer a number of various solutions that allow you to rebuild your hair, improve its condition, and most importantly, stop hair loss. One of such products is Locerin, which is extremely famous and respected by professionals.

Locerin is an innovative dietary supplement that exists in the form of capsules. Its operation is very functional and produces phenomenal results. Taking it daily has a number of benefits that make it so popular. It is also a preparation for hair loss, a specific for strengthening the hair, and a supplement for hair growth. The supplement contains a wholly healthy composition, thanks to which its formula is gentle to health and does not cause troublesome side effects. The formula of the capsules does not contain any unfavorable or artificial additives, thanks to which it allows 100% confidence! In addition, it has been investigated and tested, which allowed to draw two valuable conclusions that its impact is functional and safe. The wide spectrum of the article’s functioning means that within a few weeks the hair will stop falling out significantly, unnecessary loss will be effectively stopped, and at the same time the hair will start growing without any problems. The main ingredient of the product, which is Anagain Nu, regulates the process of hair production so that it works effectively and intensively. The results are visible after just a few weeks. In addition, the hair will become stronger, extremely resilient, firmer and more durable. The hair will be rebuilt, will not split or frizz. They will be nice and shiny. In addition, their color will be enhanced, so that gray hair will not appear so quickly.
Capsules are perfect for both women and men. It is worth using the supplement when the hair is damaged after winter, when losing weight, after slimming, when the hair falls out pathologically after pregnancy, or also during menopause. In addition, when there is a problem with baldness, the so-called androgenic activity, moreover, in the case of hair problems such as dryness, or excessive hair loss, which regularly occurs during problems with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. The article will also prove useful when you want to regenerate your hair after improper care or too drastic hairdressing treatments. The preparation stands out from other products due to its effectiveness and efficiency.


Many women as well as men have problems with pathological hair loss. Each of them looks for a way to change the condition of their own hair, to be able to enjoy a perfect and thick hair. For my part, I have recently been systematically recommending Locerin, which in my opinion is one of the most attractive preparations for hair growth on the market. Taking it systematically causes many benefits, including supporting the hair and intensifying its growth, as well as regenerating and rebuilding it. You can also expect the color and structure of the hair to support itself. I find that the product will be perfect for hair that is dull, difficult to style, or has split ends. It is also important that the product focuses only on natural elements, so you do not have to worry about any unpleasant side effects. The product is completely safe and effective in interaction. The product enjoys particularly positive opinions both among users and among professionals who recommend it systematically, just like me. The product is in the form of capsules, which are recommended to be taken twice a day, preferably half an hour before the expected meal. I claim that the remedy will be perfect for people whose hair has become extremely damaged after winter, after weight loss, after pregnancy, or during menopause. It is worth checking it out and strengthening the condition of your own hair so that it remains our asset for a long time!

Customers opinion:

For several months now, I have been following a diet and I exercise a lot to lose unwanted pounds. I have noticed that not only do I lose weight, but also my hair. My hair was starting to fall out especially, which made me very concerned. I decided to take immediate action and included Locerin in my diet, thanks to which my hair became stronger and thicker right after a few weeks. They do not fall out, there are many more of them and they look healthy! I recommend!

I used to have perfect and long hair, which was my most important asset. Unfortunately, after pregnancy, they lost their properties, which started to fall out immoderately, thinned out, and the ends began to split. Just a nightmare! I had to shorten them a lot and find any solution to rebuild and strengthen themselves. I bet on Locerin! I claim it was a bull’s eye! After a few weeks of taking the tablets, the hair regained its previous shine, it is thicker and stronger! I am very satisfied and I can’t wait for them to grow up and be like they used to be!

I find that there is no stronger hair growth product than Locerin! My hair is strong and shiny! They have never looked as great as today! Even my friends have noticed that my hair is longer and thicker. They are going to try the product themselves to find out its effectiveness on their skin!

I have been using Locerin for several weeks. I needed a supplement that would accelerate my hair growth and reduce excessive hair loss. I borrowed the specificity from my spouse who systematically takes it. I must highlight that her hair is a phenomenon! I can’t complain about my own either, they don’t fall out like that anymore and they grow absolutely fast! I am satisfied!


AnaGain ™ Nu – the ingredient is responsible for inhibiting excessive hair loss and stimulates their growth.
Horsetail extract and bamboo extract – a source of silica, regulates the condition of hair, skin and nails.
Nettle extract – also provides silicon, has a good effect on the sebaceous glands, modifies the condition of the scalp and hair.
Alfalfa extract – strengthens the hair, eliminates hair weakening and thinning.
Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM – a source of absorbable sulfur, thanks to which hair grows smoothly, the ingredient also tones the scalp and sebaceous glands.
Annual pepper and black pepper extract – support microcirculation, thanks to which the hair is properly nourished and in better condition, at the same time the elements are better absorbed by the body, thanks to which the effect is more positive.
Vitamins and minerals (biotin, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, niacin, selenium, manganese, copper)

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